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Dental Crowns – Hoover, AL

A Versatile Restoration
to Save Damaged Teeth

Unfortunately, many people know dentistry when they see it. For Dr. Moulton, his goal is to provide dentistry that no one notices. By replacing your existing restorations with natural-looking dental crowns in Hoover, AL that look and feel like real teeth, you can smile and live your life with confidence.

Why Choose Moulton Dentistry for Dental Crowns?

  • Lifelike Restorations Used – Including Emax and Zirconia Materials
  • Dental Office Dedicated to Running on Time for Busy Families
  • Friendly and Caring Dentist and Team Every Time You Visit

Key Benefits of a Dental Crown

Model smile with dental crown restoration
  • Achieve a natural-looking smile
  • Restore the gaps in your smile
  • Support misshapen or badly broken teeth
  • Make chewing functional and easy

How Can a Dental Crown Benefit Me?

If a person’s tooth is extremely damaged and seems to be beyond repair, porcelain material or porcelain affixed to gold can be used to make the smile look brand-new. Creating crowns in this way is very reliable and ideal for even the most severe dental problems, including the permanent replacement of missing teeth to restore your smile and bite. Using this technology, we’ve become renowned for our quality of work and the fantastic changes patients have experienced. If you’re looking for long-lasting correction for major dental problems, you’ll love our restorations. In many cases, our treatment last between 10 to 20 years and longer, making it one of the most permanent dental treatments available today.

How long does it take to fit a dental crown?

In just two visits, we can fit your new dental crown. To start, we’ll remove any decay, reshape the tooth, then place a temporary crown on top, which is typically made of plastic or metal.

At your second visit, we take off the temporary crown, then fit and make any necessary adjustments to your permanent crown. Afterward, we’ll adhere the crown with dental cement and you’ll have a new, beautiful-looking tooth.

What are the capabilities of crowns?

One of the most reliable solutions for major dental problems caused by physical trauma, disease and wear and tear are crowns and bridgework. Through corrective techniques, we can solve many major dental problems. To make these repairs, we mainly use high-grade porcelain or porcelain bonded to gold. If you have serious dental problems, we recommend that you opt for materials noted for their higher strength, such as gold and porcelain. If accidental damage has occurred and caused tooth loss, teeth have broken as a result of long-term use, or old fillings keep breaking, a series of dental crowns and/or dental bridges can be used as a long-term solution.

All too often, people express that they have pain stemming from their back teeth. This is typically because of hairline cracks in the chewing areas of the mouth. By placing crowns on these teeth, we can relieve pain and provide full dental function. If you have older fillings in front teeth, they can become weakened and lead to problems in their appearance, including chips or stains. If porcelain veneers are not suitable, more than likely a porcelain crown or bridge will work. If you have teeth with root canal fillings, a crown can prevent potential breakage.

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Dental Crown?

The typical fee we charge for a crown is $1,050. However, since there are many types of crowns to choose from, the cost can vary. Prices can also be affected by the insurance coverage you have.

Does it Hurt to Receive Dental Crowns?

Getting a dental crown placed feels no different than having a dental filling placed, according to our patients.

Will My Dental Crown be Permanent?

One of our longest-lasting restorations available today includes dental crowns.

Will My Dental Crown Last for Life?

Based on our patients’ experience, crowns can last 10 to 20 years or longer when you practice good home care and visit our dental office every six months.

Do Dental Crowns Have the Same Strength as Real Teeth?

Dental crowns are actually stronger than the teeth they protect in most situations.