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These Popular Trends Could be Bad News for Your Teeth!

August 8, 2021

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woman visiting dentist in Hoover

Every week, there is a new fad that emerges on the internet. Unfortunately, social media encourages people to jump on the bandwagon without taking the time to do any research on the topic. There are five trends that are currently buzzing, and your dentist in Hoover says they can be bad for your teeth. Continue reading to find out what they are so you can prevent a dental mishap!


Wondering If “Bad Teeth” Are Hereditary? Read This!

July 30, 2021

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Closeup of woman in orange shirt covering her mouth

Have you struggled with oral health problems over the years, despite a solid dental hygiene routine? Do you feel like you constantly need restorative or cosmetic dentistry to achieve the look you desire? If so, then you may be wondering if bad teeth are hereditary. The answer? Yes and no. Keep reading for a few oral health problems you can inherit from your parents.


Is Thumb-Sucking Bad For Your Child’s Oral Health?

July 9, 2021

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Closeup of child sucking their thumb

Wondering if thumb-sucking is bad for your child’s oral health? It’s a common question parents ask themselves when they first notice their little one engaging in this self-soothing behavior. While it’s completely normal for infants and toddlers, this habit can pose a number of problems to their oral health over the years. Consequently, parents are encouraged to help their child break the habit sooner rather than later. Keep reading to learn the negative effects thumb-sucking can have on your child’s smile!


Children’s Dentistry: 7 Dental Facts Every Parent Should Know

June 16, 2021

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young boy smiling with painted hands

It’s never too early to start caring for your child’s smile. Establishing good oral hygiene habits begins even before babies’ teeth erupt! Making sure their grin is kept healthy into adulthood will encourage them to care for their permanent teeth the same way.

Are you unsure of what to expect as your little one’s mouth develops? Your family dentist in Hoover shares seven important dental facts every parent should know to maintain their child’s oral health.


6 Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies During Summer Vacation

June 10, 2021

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family at the beach during summer vacation

School is out, the weather is warmer, and the days are longer. Summer has officially arrived! You and your family may be gathering ideas for how to spend the sunny season. While it’s exciting to think about all the fun activities to do during vacation, there is one thing that could derail your plans—your oral health. Don’t let dental complications interfere with your days off! Read along for six summer tips to avoid a trip to your emergency dentist.


4 TikTok Dental Trends You Should Avoid at All Costs

May 22, 2021

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Man with nail file in his mouth

Social media is a great place for you to keep up with all of the latest trends, and many of them are tempting to try out yourself. Whether you are looking for a new makeup look for a party, or you want to whip up something delicious with the help of a popular recipe circling around, TikTok always has something interesting to share. However, it isn’t the best place to go when it comes to getting dental advice. There are numerous dangerous TikTok dental trends that you should not be taking a part in. Here are just a few.


5 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy for Summer Vacation

May 2, 2021

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Family smiling outside

The time your family has been waiting for all year has finally arrived! You probably have all sorts of fun plans lined up for summer vacation this year. Whether you are heading to a tropical destination, hanging out by the neighborhood pool, or just taking this time to see local friends and family, you are in for some awesome months. However, you can’t neglect your smile during this time. Here are some summer oral health tips from a family dentist in Hoover.


4 Facts About Your Child’s Dental Health That You Should Know

April 10, 2021

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a little girl wearing a white blouse and brushing her teeth with a manual toothbrush

How your child’s smile develops over time may not be something you think about often. As a parent, you want them to have healthy teeth and gums, but you may only pay attention to their oral hygiene routine and nothing else. A family dentist in Hoover is here to shed some light on the subject by sharing 4 interesting facts about your child’s dental health and what you should know to help them achieve a natural, healthy, and longer-lasting smile.  


When Should I Start Brushing My Child’s Teeth?

March 9, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — moultondentistry @ 4:42 pm
mother and young daughter brushing teeth together

Every parent naturally wants what’s best for their child, but unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual. As a result, you may have a few questions about caring for your little one’s budding smile. When should you start brushing your child’s teeth? When can they start brushing on their own? Read on as a family dentist provides a few children’s oral health tips to ensure your son or daughter grows up with a healthy smile.


3 Risks to Your Oral Health While Pregnant and How to Stop Them

February 27, 2021

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pregnant woman visiting the dentist

It’s been several weeks since you found out that you’re expecting. After you saw the results on that little stick, your body has started changing in many ways, but you’ll soon begin to feel some of the more fun parts of pregnancy. During this time, you also need to take excellent care of yourself. After all, your body is providing the baby’s first home! Not only can self-care benefit the little one growing inside you, but it can also ensure that you are as healthy as possible when the real adventure begins.

Unfortunately, one part of self-care that many expecting moms neglect or simply don’t think about is oral health while pregnant. Did you know that pregnancy can cause serious problems with your smile? Here are some of the risks you may face over the next few months and how you can avoid them.

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