Summer Is a Great Time for Teeth Whitening; Here’s Why

May 13, 2024

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Many people wish for a whiter smile, and having a grin you can be proud of can be an excellent asset in both the social scene and the professional world. Luckily, professional teeth whitening treatments can deliver stunning results that are far superior to those of any similar store-bought product. Here’s why summer can be the ideal time to receive teeth whitening from your dentist.

Summertime Is Flexible Time

Since school isn’t in session during the summer, it tends to be a more relaxed period. Dental offices tend not to be so busy during this season, so it can be much easier to schedule an appointment or consultation time that works for you. If you need to have any tooth decay or gum disease cleared up before your teeth whitening treatment, it’s easier to schedule those appointments as well.

Everyone Wants to Look Good During the Summer

Summer is full of pool parties, barbeques, fireworks, and all sorts of other social gatherings that are rich in photographic opportunities. If your teeth aren’t quite where you want them to be, it can make you less willing to show off your grin at these festive events. Getting teeth whitening during the summer can set you up for a season to remember and plenty of photographs to prove it.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

While there are a variety of teeth whitening products that you can buy at the store, they are not as effective as professional treatments. In fact, store-bought teeth whitening kits can be of low quality and lead to injuries due to user error or poor design.

Professional teeth whitening treatments, on the other hand, are perfectly safe because they are designed and supervised by a qualified dentist who will make sure that your teeth are ready for the process before it begins. Professional take-home teeth whitening kits include a set of customized dental trays and a tube of concentrated whitening gel. The patient needs only to apply the gel to their trays and wear them over their teeth for an hour each day for about two weeks. By the time the process is done, their smile will be up to eight shades brighter.

A whiter smile can make for more summertime fun. Professional teeth whitening treatments can help you enjoy one of the flashiest grins at the pool.

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Dr. Marc Moulton earned his dental degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry and completed a one-year residency program with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital. He is proud to be a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His office in Birmingham, AL, offers general, restorative, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening. To schedule a consultation for teeth whitening treatment, contact his office online or dial (205) 988-3360.

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